Paid search traffic optimisation

SEO combined with Digital Marketing aims to increasing the visibility of websites on search engines through the use of Paid Inclusion, which means paying to have a site listed on a web database (such as Yahoo), or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Google AdWords makes it possible to create simple and low-cost advertising campaigns which are also measurable thanks to tools such as Google Analytics. With PPC, you are in full control of the campaign, you write the copy, you decide how much you want to spend and you only pay when someone clicks on the ad and visits your landing page, that is your promotional page.

Google AdWords

 Google AdWords however is not the only way to advertise and generate more incoming traffic to your website.  Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as Twitter offer the possibility of advertising your product or service. The main difference between Google AdWords and the latter three is that by using Google AdWords, your ad will appear on top or near the top of search results when users do a Google search, whereas with the other forms of advertising, the users will see the ads when they visit their Facebook page, their LinkedIn page, their Twitter page.

Now we can also offer Social Media Optimisation (SMO), which is a service aimed at improving your Social Media strategy, which is essential to increase traffic to your website.

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