What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation which consists of a series of techniques for optimising websites and their visibility on the web. The popularity of a page is determined by Google Page Rank, which can range from 0 (the least popular and relevant) to 10 (the most popular and relevant). There are two main types of optimisations of search traffic. One is the optimisation of organic search traffic and the other the optimisation of paid search traffic, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

There are 2 main natural ways for increasing organic search traffic, also known as white-hat SEO:

On Page optimisation which includes:
– HTML optimisation which makes it possible for Google spiders to crawl your pages more easily. This includes writing clean html, adding appropriate keywords and descriptions in the metatags, avoiding the use of Flash or too much Javascript;
– Content optimisation which includes presenting well written content that is relevant to the user, using visual aids to complement the content, such as images or videos.
Off Page optimisation which includes:
– Creation of inbound links which involves using Social Media and other authoritative websites, fora, or blogs to link to your website, getting listed in directories (Yahoo, Dmoz, etc.), RSS feeds, press releases, affiliate programs.


Before commencing any work, we need to assess the status of your website through an audit. The audit is divided into two parts:

  • On-page audit.
  • Off-page audit.

On-page audit consists of assessing how easy it is to crawl through your website, and the relevance of its content.
Off-page audit analyses the incoming links and your social media reaction.

At the end of the audit, we prepare a comprehensive report, which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your website providing at the same time recommendations for improving its design, keywords distribution, content and therefore increase visibility in search engines’ results.

With the report you can implement the changes yourself or we can help with both on-page and off-page optimisation. We also usually recommend at least a bimonthly monitoring in order to check the progress and the success of the strategy.

How long does it take to get Google PageRank?

There is not a set time for this. It could take weeks or months depending on the content of your website and, most of all, on the backlinks from authoritative websites. Each case is different and PageRank is not an absolute indicator of the good quality of a website and of how well the webpages perform in search results.

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